Certified Organic Farm

T he estate is located on the western slopes of Montepulciano, close to the church of San Biagio (a wonderful creation of the architect Sangallo).

Canneto enjoys a breath-taking view and a fascinating morphology, to the extent that it was chosen as location for the filming of Quantico3 and of the Dolce and Gabbana advertisement for the perfume K with Mariano Di Vaio.
The estate forms a single entity that can be easily visited by car, bicycle or even better, on foot.

The average annual production is 100.000 bottles of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, of which 10.000 “cru” Casina di Doro.

T he vineyards are located in an ideal position, in marly, gravelly soil, at a height of 350/400 meters above sea level and facing mainly the South-West.

During the winter the vines are severely pruned in order to keep the production below the limits set by the regulations. Summer canopy management is aimed, amongst other things, at giving the grapes plenty of ventilation and exposure to the sun.

O nce they arrive in the cellar, the grapes are carefully selected and undergo gentle destemming and crushing; fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature of max 26°C and lasts 15/20 days.

The ageing process, in 30/50 hl oak barrels from Slavonia and in 5hl French oak casks from Allier, usually lasts at least 2 years; it is followed by bottle ageing for at least 6 months.