We farm Wine

Starting from the 2017 vintage, all the production of Canneto - wine and oil - is certified organic.

T he French have a great word: vigneron... someone who cultivate the vineyard!

We depend on the ground, each season brings something new and different: rain, sun, drought. Whatever happens we face it in person, we sink our hands in the earth, in the vineyard, in the grapes and in the wine.
It is the philosophy of the farmer..

C areful vinification, the choice of the vineyard location, the bottling, are some of the aspects which receive our utmost care and attention.

Every year we try to do better.
Nothing is taken for granted, we constantly invest in the estate to improve it.

A vineyard without a history is a vineyard without a future

C anneto winery has a long wine-making tradition. Owned for generations by the notable Pilacci-Waldergan family, our wines were already highly praised in 1933 in V. Montanari and A. Musiani’s book “Typical Tuscan Wines”.

In 1987 the estate was purchased by Canneto AG of Zurich and renovated in full respect of the vocation of the land and tradition.