We welcome friends and lovers of wine and traditions.

Visit the estate for a full immersion in the history of this land and its wines.

T he Canneto wine estate can be visited every day prior to booking.
Daniela, in charge of reception, will show you around the cellar and offer you, in the new dedicated room with its lovely terrace, a guided tasting of our wines.

The estate can be visited entirely on foot, by bike or with the car, the roads are accessible both in winter and summer.

F or our tastings we adopt an innovative system which uses nitrogen to prevent oxidation of the wine after it has been uncorked.

Nitrogen – an odourless and flavourless inert gas – fills the empty part of the bottle, thus eliminating the process of deterioration, maintaining intact the characteristics of the wine and guaranteeing the perfect temperature.

Guided Tour and Wine tasting fees

Tour of the vineyards and the farm - indipendently and with own vehicles - Free

Guided tour of the cellars, tasting of 3 wines of your choice with small snacls.(45') - € 30,00 per person

Guided tour of the cellars, tasting of 4 wines of your choice accompanied by a selection of typical local products: cheeses, cured meats and bruschetta (90') - € 60,00 per person.

The tasting menu can be customized on request. We can host groups of up to 45 people. After the tasting, our products can be purchased directly from our wine shop. Worldwide delivery is also available.